Ship Sale & Purchase

The essence of the shipping industry lies in the sale and purchase of second hand assets. We believe that in this age of information influx, the timing of asset purchase and revenue stream/cash flow visibility is of utmost importance. We aim to help our clients plan and execute the entire ship sale and purchase process in a better manner and make well-informed decisions. Success is guaranteed through the use of an extensive network of brokers, offering the market awareness needed, and delivering the desired result for each client. Artan Shipping knows which are the best potential buyer candidates or sellers and is in place to seal the deal for all parties involved, in the most efficient manner possible, to carry out the process strictly based on the standard procedures and good marine practice confirmed by regular audits. We can make an insightful contribution by helping you analyze past results, thereafter, plan, execute and measure the ship sale and purchases.

At Artan Shipping, we specialize in Sale and Purchase of Tanker, Bulk carrier, General Cargo ship, Containership, MPP and Offshore vessels. We maintain a complete database of all existing commercial vessels with their comprehensive up-to-date technical and commercial details. This database allows the clients to have first-hand evaluation of vessel particulars, locations and values. Based on our client’s technical and commercial requirements, we network with ship owners and shipbrokers globally to bring forward up-to-date information that forms the basis of their vessel acquisition/buying decision.

Our sale and brokerage services includes:


  • Inspection
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Survey
  • Ship Sale & Purchase
  • S & P Broking
  • Ship Demolition
  • Business Consulting
  • Newbuilding Brokerage
  • Ship Valuation
  • Vessel Registration
  • Towage
Sale & Purchase